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Hi everyone! Long story short, I’m throwing more little presents at you this week!
Here’s 11 children-themed rugs plus two fully, totally recolor-able and cast-able rugs (the texture tiling/spacing is smaller on one) making a total of 13 2x3 rugs!. Mesh credit to B-5Studio and the rug designs are from Ikea, The Rug Company, and Rugs USA.

D O W N L O A D !

No reuploading to paysites, no linking through, and don’t claim any of it as your own if it isn’t yours. Thank you to the creators for sharing!

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Recolorable Community Lot Signs

These are default replacement signs edited to be castable with 4 color channels. Most of these signs are for Community lots and can be found in BuyDebug or the Misc Decor Category. Put them in your mods folder and CASt away. Enjoy!

Note: The Elixir Shop sign is a bit pixely and did my best to clean it up. I did leave all the original Overlays as a second preset option in case you like the original for some reason. 

Name List & EP Requirement

  1. Vampire Sign - Supernatual EP 
  2. Uni Gym Sign - University EP
  3. Uni Sign Version 2 - University EP
  4. Hipster Version 2 - University EP
  5. Pool Sign - Supernatural EP
  6. Warehouse - Supernatural EP
  7. Uni Sign Version 1 - University EP
  8. Hipster Version 1 - University EP
  9. Elixir Shop - Supernatural EP

Download Link  

OneDrive - packages

Terms of Use

Do what you want with it, after all it’s just pixels. But DO NOT re-upload, put on a pay website, or adfly.

I track the tags Mspoodle & Mspoodle1 and would love to see how you use them in game.

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Hola guys! I come bearing gifts for all the gorgeous female simmies out there….

Nintendo themed skirts and shirts for everyone!!!!!!!!!!

I’m gonna be real, this is my first ever attempt at recoloring so please try to be a little tolerant patient with me.  If I’ve messed something up, don’t judge me!  Be helpful and send a message letting me know the issue and ((possibly)) HOW to fix it!  I’ve tested these babies out for weeks and found nothing visibly wrong, but if you happen to find something, again, don’t hesitate to let me know. 

I take absolutely no part in the meshes.

Original mesh credits go to:


Skirt: Moddish Kitten  

Terms of Use:

Just the common courtesy regulations going around the simming community.  Don’t upload and claim as your own or anything along those lines. That’s just very uncool. 

K I’m out, but before I go, just want to give a very special thanks to all my followers- new and old!!!!  You all are very much appreciated!!!!!!!!!

Downloads include 4 shirts and 6 skirts.

Package Shirt- HERE

Package Skirt- HERE


Simpack Shirt- HERE

Simpack Skirt- HERE

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Toy Pegbox Edit

I did this eons ago for myself and roseoftheoakmoonsims requested a recolorable version. So I decided to update it and share. For this version I made it a default replacement that is castable with 4 color channels. Special Note: The blocks played with by the toddlers don’t change and will be the original colors. Other than that CASt away and let your toddlers have fun!


  • Recolorable - 4 color channels
  • Category - Kids- Toys
  • Base game compatible
  • Default replacement

OneDrive - package

* It’s a package file so put it in your mods folder and that’s it. Enjoy!*


Terms of Use

Do what you want with it, after all it’s just pixels. But DO NOT re-upload, put on a pay website, or adfly. 

I track the tags Mspoodle & Mspoodle1 and would love to see how you use them in game.

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Blush No. 1Yeeah, my first working and good looking blush i’ve ever made.Texture / Control by MEDO NOT reupload, modify or claim my stuff as your own, also ask forpermission if you want to use my Textures!Download [x]

Blush No. 1

Yeeah, my first working and good looking blush i’ve ever made.

Texture / Control by ME

DO NOT reupload, modify or claim my stuff as your own, also ask forpermission if you want to use my Textures!

Download [x]

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Over 30 objects Included (not all visible) .Click picture for more Details

Download Here

Additional Notes:

The Ceiling Rafter ( not in the picture) fade like the ceiling lights.Which makes for better visibility when viewing a room from above!

The Pots, Pans, utensils, Mitten, cups, and plants are separate objects (Not all separate but you will see how they are separate when in your game) for more recolor options.Also they all snap to the Utensil Rack.As for the cups, they are kind of hard to snap together.The easiest way I found was to snap the cups to each other first then snap them to the utensil rack.They should all shift together if done correctly.

The Stairs are in Package form because they contain a Script made by Simlogical. I didn’t include a traditional Rail ( not the rail in the pics) because it would get in the way of the stairs.So I included a deco rail.The rail in the Pics snap to the stairs.I know this is a bit confusing, so I would recommend installing it in your game then read these notes :)

Collection Files Included

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I’m posting some shit today… Shockshame called this project Sim Airlines and I liked it, so I’m using the name hahaha. First I would like to thank to all the amazing people who tested this objects aroundthesimssockshamenoelyely (she also take the previews, so thank you sweetie) and mspoodle1 You can see some test pictures here [x] [x] [x]. And the luggages items are by Susan372 you can find them here [x] [x]

Now, let’s talk about the Trolleys. The trolleys do not have slots so you need to use OMSP to place items on them. Also, you’ll find two trolleys on the .rar | Airport-LuggageTrolley A and Airport-LuggageTrolley B | and a .text file with the data of this items, please, install only ONE.

The Carousel, if you look carefully you’ll see a little red light on the preview, It also has a green recolor so you can use more than one in a room and it will look real, like.. green to say the baggages are comming and red to say the carousel isn’t working.. for example.

And about the Flight Status things.. as you can see those come with two different recolors with and withouth light and on the download .rar you’ll find a .text with the traductions for the simlish words in case someone wants to make a traduction in english or some other language.

And one very little…. small detail, you’ll only see this items on a community lot not in a residential one. And feel free to make retextures and recolors as long as you give credit :)


DOWNLOAD - DESCARGA | Airport-LuggageTrolley [4 REC. AREAS]


DOWNLOAD - DESCARGA | Airport-Luggage X-Ray Scanner [3 SLOTS | 4 REC. AREAS]


DOWNLOAD - DESCARGA | Airport-BaggageCarousel [8 SLOTS | 4 REC. AREAS]


DOWNLOAD - DESCARGA | Airport-FlightBoards [4 REC. AREAS]

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Rook Island - A World by Liegt and Sims3time

Hello! Here it is finally after weeks of work , and hours of trouble shooting! It’s Rook Island a medium sized island world for your sims to enjoy and for you to build and customize to be your very own.

There are 96 total lots on this Island including 3 beach lots, plenty of cliff lots and odd shaped lots as well as nice and easy flat lots. There are also lots suitable for houseboats if you wish you add them. 

As for Eps required there are not very many, This word is mostly basegame besides a few world items that come from Supernatural but they are not essential to the world.

Also please note this world is in a sort of Alpha/Beta stage so if you encounter any bugs please let myself or Liegt know and we will hopefully be able to fix them! :D 


As per usual do not re-upload or claim as your own , also no pay sites please.

With that said Thank you and Enjoy! :D

[ D O W N L O A D ]

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Sheppey Collection number six.

This is a four bed, three bath mock Tudor new build for your Sims.

Downstairs you can find a bathroom, utility room, kitchen, livingroom and separate diningroom, with doors leading to a spacious garden. Upstairs can be found four bedrooms, family bath and an en-suite.

Built on a 20x30 lot. Unfurnished.

I’ve all EPs up to Island Paradise.
The following CC has been used:
Doors - HERE and HERE
Stairs - HERE

DOWNLOAD mediafire

General TOU - don’t be an arse and claim as yours or upload to a paysite or something.

Please tag me if you use it, I’d love to see how people decorate it.

Thanks for downloading! Enjoy!

Check out the rest of the Sheppey Collection:

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